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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On the Art of The Possible: Try A New Technique Every Day

Try a new way of doing and looking at things to renew your crafting passion.

 I tend to want to be perfect. If I can't make the perfect craft, I won't make it at all. Sound familiar? Well, lately, I've started making some happy accidental discoveries. My mom gave me her old sewing machine--my first. And though I've always known how to hand sew, I was afraid of the sewing machine. My irrational fear? That the needle would come unthreaded and I wouldn't know how to thread it again. Solution? Learn how to thread it!

Lately I've been making some really cute animals on that sewing machine. I've discovered that it's ok to be a beginner. Sometimes your items will look a bit lopsided and nothing like the pattern. But then you can get creative and fix them with unique embellishments and your own design twists.

Kitty (above) was one huge mistake after another. But she turned out quite winsome and she is actually my favorite creation right now. The lamb and chihuahua? (above and left) Had gaping holes in them that I had to sew over by hand. But they look fine. I had to stretch myself to find ways to cover my mistakes. But I learned that nothing has to be perfect when you're crafting things you love.

Let yourself be a beginner while crafting. Try a new technique like felting or crocheting. The more it scares you the more fun it is to triumph!


  1. wow that is so true! I recently started needle felting and I was so scared I was going to mess up! It turned out to be really fun! I really love your blog it's very inspiring!!

  2. I know. It's freeing to know you an make a mistake and still be an "artist" and not ditch the whole project! Thanks for the comment.