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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Overwhelm of Crafting from Home

It can be really tough to keep order when you're a crafter working out of your own home.

Every surface and nook is prime real estate when you're a crafter working out of your own home. If you live, raise a family, serve meals, and entertain all in the same place you craft, it becomes a challenge to keep everything organized. As you can see here, Clara's Closet is no exception to feeling the crunch of space constraints. But when we love what we do, it's hard to put things away and make everything neat and tidy.

I am interested in hearing from others how they keep their crafting spaces in order when they can't just shut a door and return later. When there's no extra bedroom or basement, how do you rise to the challenge of living in the space you also craft in? 

Send me photos or describe for me how you organize and make your crafting space workable for you when it doubles as your living space. I'd love to feature answers here. Send to Thanks!

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