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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today's the Day! I am celebrating artists and crafters: AMY LILLEY of TEACUP TEDDIES

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Hello all! Today is my first real blog at this address. I am going to use this blog to celebrate the wonderful crafters and artists out there who use their imaginations every day to create things of beauty.

One day it might be a soft animal, the next handbag or a piece of jewelry. I am a strong believer that artisans should help each other out. There have been so many times I've run into a crafter at a flea market or show and they're embarrassed to promote themselves. Artists need to all stick together as we mostly all love creating items, but hate the promo part. Myself included.
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So I thought it would be fun to cheer on other like minded creative people. If you are one, contact me and maybe you can be featured here too!

Today, I am spotlighting a wonderful crafter who I found on Etsy named Amy Lilley. She makes the most darling teddy bears and creatures who fit in teacups. They are fully jointed and so sweet. I had to buy her tiny puppy, as it stole my heart. She make her home in England and at the ripe old age of 22 she's already what I consider well on her way to being a highly sought after artisan. The type of animals she makes are reminders of a bygone time. So delightful! 

Amy Lilley of Teacup Teddies and Dolly
Find Amy at:

You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter at:
Twitter: bLushingdove1

Here's her unique artist story:
My name is Amy Lilley and I can honestly say that I adore making all of the little creations that you will find in my shop. Creating them is always a fun and exciting experience that leaves me reminiscent of my childhood. It was here that my love for these creations began.

It was my mother who first introduced me to the jointed (artist's) bear. She owned a little lion (Leo) and a bear (Bruno), whom she had acquired during her childhood. They were both charmingly tatty and fragile. I looked on them with envy as I knew they were one childhood possession that my mother would not relinquish to my pleading. I settled for having them visit my bedside every time that I was unwell or scared at night: they both had excellent bedside manner.

Failing to inherit Leo and Bruno as I grew older, I sought after a little jointed companion of my own. They were annoyingly hard to come by! The completion of this search was anticipated on every beach side-holiday (as a result of my mother explaining that the 'quirky' shops by the seafront may sell them). I did make several purchases, but none were quite the same as the little lion and bear whom I loved. 

It was not until I discovered Etsy (at the age of 21), that I realised that these creatures were available to 'adopt'! They were called 'Artist's Bears,' and were handmade, OOAK (one of a kind) creations (most of which had little movable joints-the feature I loved best about Leo and Bruno).

I rang my mum and asked her to buy me a little jointed elephant from one Etsy shop as a Christmas gift. I was delighted that I could finally have a little jointed companion of my own! I began researching 'Teddy Bear art,' and started to make my own little bears and animals. I have always loved making things and I had loved these critters for so long that it seemed the perfect art-form for me to pursue. I have done so ever since.

Cheer Amy on at:
Twitter: bLushingdove1

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